Three Greens Aviation  A Michael Weis Aerospace Venture
Who we are We are a private non-commercial organization, representing a group of engineers, scientists and aviation enthusiast. We share the vision of making great historical airplanes available as FAA FTT Level 6 simulators. We combine experts for aviation engineering, rapid prototyping, general aviation- and cockpit design, software engineering, hardware development, avionics and dome projections to create fascinating experiences for us and next generations.  Our vision We are convinced that there is a need to keep aviation history beyond great and amazing books, beyond reports of veterans and beyond static displays in excellent, fascinating museums all over our planet. We are convinced that there is a need to keep the feeling of historic aviation in general. Not only from an engeineering perspective, not only from an entertainment point of view. We are convinced it is necessary to allow future generations to feel into a Lockheed Super Constallation, to experience the behaviour of the first jet engines of Junkers, Whittles and BMW, to know how difficult it is to fly a supercharged piston eginge in altitudes that their inventors never though of, to experience the amazing, short takeoff run of a Junkers Ju 52 and the neglectable climb rate of a Wright Flyer. We are convinced it is time to save the legacies of aviation for our grand children and their grand children before no one can remember how these birds felt like. During rotation, during cruise flight, during flare.  Let us start. It is time.  Dipl.-Ing. (univ.) Michael Weis, General Director and Founder, Alpen, Germany, June 2019
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